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Facebook v2 for iPhone goes live

Cory Bohon

The Facebook [iTunes link] application for the iPhone has just been updated to version 2 (although you may see it listed as version 1.1 in the store), and the new version number brings some stellar features! In this release, the Facebook team has completely revamped the user interface and brought the client up to parity with the mobile Facebook app for Blackberry (really surpassed it, if you ask me). Some of the new features are:

  • Facebook Chat (OK, not new, but seems to be working much better now)
  • Address book lookup
  • New, easier to use interface, including notifications and the full news feed
  • WritePhoto post on friends' walls and view their full profiles
  • Photo tags (holding your finger down on the photo will show them)
  • People search, friend requests and your full inbox/inbox search
  • Photo uploading is faster
  • You can now upload photos from your library stored on the iPhone
In addition to all those changes, there are also "dozens of bug fixes that improve stability" and speed -- especially for users with a large number of friends. Now that's something every iPhone-owning Facebook user will like!

You can download this new version of for iPhone from the iTunes App Store today. Be sure to check out the changes in the user interface by looking at our gallery of screenshots.

Gallery: Facebook 2 for iPhone | 22 Photos

Thanks for the tip, Jason!

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