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KDDI's Linux-based Au Box IP STB converts, sends media to mobiles

Darren Murph

Now here's a peculiar one. Japan's KDDI has just introduced a Motorola-built IP STB that converts and transmits TV, multimedia and web-based content from the home to a user's cellphone. The Au Box is a fairly multifaceted beast, boasting a built-in DVD drive for ripping CDs, dual USB 2.0 ports, an Ethernet jack, AV ins / outs and a Linux-based OS that can handle basic PC-like tasks. The box is designed for subscribers who own a mobile but not a full-fledged computer, and while details are scarce on the technology behind it, we're really digging the home content-to-mobile premise. Best of all, the set-top-box will only cost KDDI customers around $3 per month when it launches on November 1st. Say, Motorola -- have you ran this thing by any US carriers?

[Via Linux Devices]

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