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Meizu M8 apparently launching in China, India this December


All indications have certainly been pointing towards the Meizu M8 finally, actually being released this year, and it looks like things just got a tad more official, with Taiwan-based retailer Geek IT Stores announcing that it's signed up as a distribution partner. While it didn't announce a date in its press release, a bit of prodding by Tech Ticker apparently convinced the company's sales head to reveal that the phone would be released in December, with China first on the list to be followed shortly by a roll-out in India, where it'll run you between Rs. 18,000 and Rs. 22,000 (or roughly $384 to $469) for the 8GB model -- which, incidentally, is apparently the only model that'll be available at launch.

Update:some new UI pics here.

[Via Electronista, Tech Ticker]

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