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The Daily Grind: Are you ready for Steampunk MMOs?

Kyle Horner

We've been inspired to create today's The Daily Grind by a post on Grimwell's blog concerning Stephen H. Segal's viewpoints on the ubiquitous and compelling nature of the steampunk genre. Stephen's entire outlook boils down to the idea that what steampunk does for science fiction is make it inspirational once more. The classic sci-fi stalworts like Star Trek or Star Wars tend to present a future world as a place that we all take for granted, a world where teleportation and energy swords are commonplace. On the other side of the coin sits steampunk, a genre that approaches science in a fresh and highly creative way and as something to be looked upon with awe and wonder.

In the MMO genre it's a similar situation with the fantasy genre. We've seen so many fantasy-based worlds that more and more of us are becoming jaded by to most of their wonder. When was the last time an MMO consistently took your breath away or instilled within you a sense of awe? So we ask you, dear Massively readers: Are you ready for something else other than fantasy, something perhaps, very steampunk?

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