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10 things parents should know about The Force Unleashed

Recently Star Wars fans were treated to The Force Unleashed and while the game has faced mudslinging for certain technical issues, fans of the franchise have been touting it as a better story experience than the prequel films. In a nutshell, The Force Unleashed puts players in control of a "bad guy," at least in the beginning, and because of this distinction the line it straddles as a T-rated title can become blurry. The team at What They Play have compiled a list of 10 points gamer parents - which some of you are - should know about the title before allowing your children to play or at least be in the same room as it is played.

Not surprisingly most of the list is compiled of points that reference the story specifically. For instance, players take on the role of a Sith and are often tasked with killing innocent characters. A point that is now widely known is that Star Wars: The Force Unleashed has two endings: one for those who end the game as a good guy and one for those who continue through the path of the Dark Side. However, another point in the list is that players are unable to make their allegiance selection from the beginning of the game and must progress through the story as a villain before the choice is presented.

Looking for a helpful guide to aide in your Force related parenting? Check out What They Play today.

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