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Dead Space dev to be re-branded, develop more titles

Quick question hotshot. Who is currently developing Dead Space? Electronic Arts isn't the right answer, they're publishing it. To those who know (or have returned from Wikipedia) congratulations if you said EA Redwood Shores. EARS, as they are affectionately known around the office, has continuously impressed industry professionals, horror masters and gamers alike and EA has seen fit to give them a proper name, reports Variety.

Glenn Schofield, the head-honcho of EARS, revealed EA's plan to rename the studio is part of an over-arching plan to pitch the developer to gamers and potential employees as one of "creativity, originality, and high quality third person action adventure titles". What does that mean exactly? Well, after the inevitable Dead Space sequel the team may become EA's go-to studio for all things third-person action. Take that EA Montreal and your buggy Army of Two!

[via Joystiq]

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