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Dead Space team to get a new name, make more games


With all of the excitement surrounding its forthcoming horror title, the Dead Space team must be quite happy to be known as ... the Dead Space team. That is, until it wants to make something else. That's probably one of the reasons for, as Variety reports, the EARS (EA Redwood Shores) team being "re-branded" as something niftier-sounding in the near future (EYES?).

EARS (yep, that has got to go) studio head, Glenn Schofield, says that the name change is part of an over-arching plan to pitch the team to gamers and new hires as one of "creativity, originality, and high quality third person action adventure titles" (our emphasis). So, while it may create another all-new IP after the probable inevitable Dead Space 2, it certainly sounds like the studio has decided on its most favoritest genre, henceforth to be known as the "3PAA" ... at least by us.

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