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Flickr Find: TUAW is the word


Rob H. was playing Wurdle on his iPhone when he came across what we'll appropriately call a bug -- apparently the program doesn't actually recognize us as a word (maybe it needs the accent mark over the U?). But we appreciate him trying anyway. Maybe we'll contact the SOWPODS people and see if we can't work this thing out.

And by the way, this is the perfect time to show you one of the new features here on TUAW -- over on the sidebar just above the Featured Galleries, you'll find our TUAW Flickr pool. This is a set of images on Flickr that you, our terrific readers, can add to: just put the "tuaw" tag on your Flickr photos or screenshots, and they'll be put right into the pool and appear here on the page.

So you can share great TUAW-related stuff like this, or anything else all the Mac folks reading the site might enjoy.

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