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Hinterland available on Steam for $20


Tilted Mill's new title Hinterland is available now on Valve's Steam service for $20. Although we've yet to have any hands-on time with the game, from videos it appears to be a mix of Diablo-style combat and town building. What it really looks like is a mature version of My Life as a King, where players actually get to do the combat parts. Some of us gamers of higher chronology may recall a similar premise in ActRaiser.

The self-published Hinterland is a new route that Tilted Mill (SimCity Societies, Caesar IV) is undertaking: making a budget-friendly strategy RPG that delivers fun even when the player only has one or two hours to play. One of the game's designers, Jeff Fiske, agrees with the characterization of Hinterland as "a casual game for core gamers."

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