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IGA to deliver in-game ads on PS3, starts with Guitar Hero

Andrew Yoon , @scxzor

IGA Worldwide, an independent distributor of in-game advertising, has announced a multi-year agreement with Activision to deliver dynamic in-game ads into multiple games on the PS3. The first game to feature IGA integrated ads will be Guitar Hero: World Tour. This is the second publisher deal announced by IGA since PS3 opened its platform for in-game advertising.

"Our partnership with IGA will allow us to deliver dynamic in-game advertising to the growing PlayStation Network community for the first time," said Dave Anderson, head of business development at Activision Publishing. "By incorporating dynamic in-game advertising in our titles where it is appropriate, we can increase the realism of our games by presenting consumers with authentic environments in genuine settings, while also expanding a key growth opportunity for the company."

IGA and Activision will integrate advertisements in a "contextually relevant way." The ads will be updated in real time, and will be targeted to the broad demographics Guitar Hero can reach.

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