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Legends of Norrath Ethernauts card preview: Geotic Rune

Michael Zenke

Last week we began our latest preview series for the upcoming expansion to the TCG Legends of Norrath: Ethernauts. Vicious Assault, last week's card, introduced the 'card counter' mechanic that is taking a bow in this newest expansion. This week's preview card, Geotic Rune, utilizes that same mechanic to provide an all-new level of power to a very traditional Mage deck build.

Another early-to-midgame card, Geotic Rune will increase the power level of all those 'pet decks' out there. It sounds in general like pet fans will be getting a few treats in Ethernauts, a topic touched on in this week's designer analysis. SOE-Denver's Evan Lorentz joins us once again to discuss how Geotic Rune fits into the new expansion to Legends of Norrath, and where you might end up using it in your decks.

Read on below the cut for full details.

Geotic Rune

by Evan "Heimlich" Lorentz, Game Designer

Recently, you got your first taste of the new "card counters" in Ethernauts, game text that scales up in power according to the number of cards in your hand. Here's a sample of one way the Mage archetype will be getting in on the action:

Geotic Rune is a useful tool for both avatar-vs.-avatar strategies and pet-centric decks. (And, of course, a custom blend of the two, if you're so inclined.) Whenever your avatar or one of your pets picks a fight, you'll get a starting boost to your total attack.

There are already several pets for Mage players to choose from in Legends of Norrath, and still more options are coming in Ethernauts. With light and shadow factions being such a major focus of the set, you may feel your pet strategy being pushed in one direction or the other, but not to worry – Geotic Rune is neutral and will work with either approach.

When you play Geotic Rune, you may want to take steps to ensure that you won't have to apply it to a quest too quickly. To that end, you might look at some of the cheaper Mage abilities – Intensify can give you some extra power, while Hastening and Words of the Wicked specifically work with pets.

Yet even if you and your pets only get into a few combats before Geotic Rune goes away, you should find it well worth the price. It can easily turn a defeat into a victory, or a close battle into a complete blowout for your side.

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