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Motorola Q11 shows up in Brazil's regulatory red tape

Chris Ziegler

That Q11 can't be far off now that Moto's starting to send it through labs for regulatory approval, and ClubeCelular seems to have gotten the inside line on the latest Q as it happened through Brazil's hurdles. Unfortunately, a quick glance at the rumored specs (and a few glances at the unglamorous shots Moto sent with the phone's labwork) leave us scratching our heads as to why anyone would want this over a Q9: quadband EDGE, stereo Bluetooth, WiFi, miniSD expansion, a 2.5mm (yes, 2.5mm) headphone jack, and a 3-megapixel camera with flash. Besides the cam, we're not seeing what the draw is -- and we're particularly bewildered as to why Moto would think it was cool to leave 3G out these days, so we're hoping that particular spec magically materializes by the time the phone floats north (and no, Motorola, just because RIM thinks it can get away with leaving out 3G doesn't mean you should, too).

[Thanks, eloy]

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