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Travel to a time in which Professor Layton 3 is about to come out


Okay, we know what you're going to say: "OMG WHERE IS LAYTON 2 IN THE US!?!?!?!?" Short answer: we don't know. Long answer: we don't know, and we're flattered that you'd think we have access to that kind of information. But maybe sometime in the next few years we can look forward to seeing this Professor Layton 3 trailer in support of an English release. Maybe.

Professor Layton and the Last Time Travel puts Layton and Luke in a fanciful clockwork interpretation of the future, guided by an adult Luke who looks exactly like a slightly lankier version of Luke. As the title suggests, an experimental time machine breaks when it sends the duo on their journey. The game is set for a November 27 release in Japan, but we can just watch the beautiful animation for a while here.

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