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WarCry interview sheds more light on Jumpgate Evolution

James Egan

One of the most hotly anticipated sci-fi MMOs on the horizon is Jumpgate Evolution. Despite the videos, screenshots, and bits of fiction that NetDevil has been releasing to stoke interest in the game, some questions remain unanswered -- particularly in terms of continuity with Jumpgate's previous incarnation and how they plan to differentiate themselves from competing MMOs in the genre.

To that end, WarCry has done a Q&A with Hermann Peterscheck, the Producer of Jumpgate Evolution. The interview touches on the challenges faced in the development process and the game's relatively low system requirements. In addition, Peterscheck discusses whether the game is really geared towards hardcore or casual gamers. See the WarCry interview for Peterscheck's views on where the game is and what he hopes it will be for fans of space-based games.

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