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WoW Moviewatch: Chronicle of the Annoying Quest, Episode 28

Natalie Mootz

It's been so long since Moviewatch took a look at the Chronicle of the Annoying Quest that two more episodes have come out since then. I've decided to feature Episode 28 instead of Episode 27 because I feel it's the much better of the two. The humor is better and the pacing is quicker. It's interesting, though, that Bakasavant starts off both episodes very slowly, taking a bit too long to get to the point. In Episode 27, there's some messing about with flying mounts that, although somewhat humorous, doesn't add much to the story. And with Episode 28, there is a long intro as a tribute to the late Richard Wright which probably should've gone at the end of the episode.

I disagree with the previous Moviewatch post on Episode 26 in that, if you've never watched an episode of Chronicle of the Annoying Quest, I don't think you need to watch the entire series to enjoy these last two episodes. (I haven't watched more than 8 of these episodes total.) The comedic timing alone in Episode 28 stands by itself. I think, also, that the series doesn't necessarily need an ending point. In that way it reminds me not only of an American soap opera, but also of WoW content in general. In fact, the title of the series itself suggests that its part of the reason the quest is annoying is due to its unending nature.

Bakasavant Productions says that Episode 31 will be the season finale. What the filmmakers mean by a "season," however, is beyond me. How long is a machinima "season"? How long will they be gone? Will they merely be taking time away from CotAQ to do other films or will they drop off the radar entirely? I hope it's not the latter.


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