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MTV Multiplayer gets its hands on the PS3 keypad

Jem Alexander

We all looked on the announcement of the PS3 Keypad at Leipzig with a mixture of excitement and trepidation. Finally, QWERTY keyboard input directly on our controller, but why is it above the thumbsticks? MTV Multiplayer's Stephen Totilo got his hands on the device and snapped some photos (with his mouth, presumably) to show how comfortably the keys can be reached from a normal playing position.

Of course, we're not really sure exactly what Mr. Totilo thinks of the contraption as a collection of images was practically all his post had to say on the matter. We were hoping he would come to some sort of conclusion, but instead we're left to decide for ourselves whether it looks comfortable to handle. Our thoughts? We need to try it for ourselves, but it seems like it won't be too much of a stretch. What do you think?

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