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MOJO HD gets canceled, should vanish by year's end

Darren Murph

Man, what a bummer. It's fairly apparent that those rumors we heard late last month are now proving true, much to our own chagrin. In a recent electronic filing by the Department of Public Utility Control in Connecticut, we're told quite plainly that MOJO HD's regularly scheduled programming will cease on October 29th, 2008. Granted, this specifies that it will no longer be available to Cox customers alone, but the attached footnote is where things get really grim. It states that parent company iN DEMAND "has announced that it will be canceling its MOJO HD regularly scheduled programming by the end of the year, but it will continue to provide OnDEMAND programs." Is this really the end of Three Sheets and I Bet You as we know them? Pardon us while we shed a tear.

[Thanks, Erik]

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