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New Mines of Moria screens depict the Redhorn Lodes

Kyle Horner

If the immensity of the new underground zones featured in the Mines of Moria expansion hasn't sunk in just yet, the newest set of screens should help clear any fog of uncertainty. While no exciting new mobs or strange-yet-endearing goat mounts seem to have popped up in these screens, there's still plenty to gawk at auspiciously.

One image features a rather large set of stairs that would cause even Rocky Balboa to faint if he tried to run up them in a triumphant montage finisher. So the images may not be packed with high action like our exclusive video, but if you use your imagination they can entertain for minutes on end. You may even waste a whole quarter of an hour with them, especially if you're into Dwarven architecture. And after you're done with that, go check out our exclusive screenshot tour of the expansion!

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