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Nintendo encourages friends to help each other get Wiis online


In order to promote use of the Wii's online functions, Nintendo has announced that they'll start including a 3.5 minute movie on each Wii -- in Japan, anyway -- called "Wii de Dekiru Koto" ("Things You Can Do With Wii"). We expect that it will outline things like playing Mario Kart online, downloading Virtual Console and WiiWare games, browsing on the Internet Channel, and voting on frivolous topics. Because, you know, those are the things the Wii does online.

The best part of their initiative to get people online is that when one Wii owner helps another get online, they'll both receive 500 free Wii Points from Nintendo. We aren't sure how this information will get to Nintendo -- if it's as easy as sending a survey, then hey, free points for everyone!

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