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Update: Nintendo will NOT publish The Conduit

Ross Miller
[Update: Whoops! Looks like Ms. Dunaway misspoke – The Conduit is not an "exclusive first-party shooter" ... it's an "exclusive first-person shooter." D'oh! Still no word on a publisher but we've got an email into the cats at High Voltage. Our original post is tucked safely below the break.]

Gallery: The Conduit

[Original: After building so much hype as a publisher-less, motion-plussed, sci-fi shooter for (gasp) the Nintendo Wii, The Conduit now has home at Nintendo -- surprise! (okay, not really). At Nintendo's fall media summit, Cammie Dunaway is now calling it a "first-party" title. Does that mean developer High Voltage Software has been bought by the House of Mario or is this some sort of second-party arrangement? We'll have more details as the story develops.]

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