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Nokia getting a little "help" with its headset designs

Tim Stevens

Nokia has produced a number of stereo headsets in the past, and while they were... fine, they didn't exactly wow us with any sort of innovation, particularly when it came to aesthetics. Perhaps that's why it's asking for a little help with the Music Almighty Headset Competition. Anyone is welcome to take one of the company's vanilla products, like the BH-604 or BH-903, and tart it up using either a simple Flash customizer or downloadable Maya, PDF, and PostScript templates. You'll want the templates to really go crazy, like submitter Mase90 did for the hideous, supposedly Sex Pistols-inspired skull-and-chains-encrusted model above. Voting is open to anyone through the end of the year, with the top 10 being whittled down to 5 by a panel of experts. Winners will get to see their designs turned into reality -- though not actually put up for sale.

[Via Nokia Conversations]

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