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A few new details on Eye of Judgment: Set 3

Majed Athab

There's a nice write up over on the PS.Blog for Eye of Judgment fans regarding the upcoming Set 3. In case you somehow forgot, Set 3 will be out in two weeks on October 16 and will be bringing with it 100 new cards and also trophy support. You can have a look at some of the new cards from the set over on the PS.Blog.

Set 3 will also introduce ten new abilities, including the abilities to change card affiliation and peek at an opponent's hand. We wonder how that last one's going to work. Another revealed ability makes opponents unable to sacrifice creatures.

It's good to see such strong support for Eye of Judgment, even if other PS Eye games haven't really taken off. The Eye of Judgment turns one year old this month, and already in that short time we've seen two full expansions with Set 2 back in April. If SCEA keeps this up, perhaps we should be expecting a new set every six months?

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