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Check out your guild's ranking in Warhammer Online

Kyle Horner

A website called Warheap has recently set up a guild leaderboard system for every server in Warhammer Online. The whole thing is easy to navigate and allows you to sort the top guilds by rank, renown, renown per member, members and average rank. It's also possible to list guilds for both factions on a server or a single faction.

Everyone's going to have a differing opinion on what matters most to be considered a top guild on a server. It doesn't really matter though, as people just love to gloat. Saying you're number one is a huge thrill for anybody in just about any situation. The existence of those giant foam fingers are proof enough that being able to point and gloat is what matters most when it comes to leaderboards. To quote the fabled worlds of a pop-culture schoolyard bully, "HA! HA!" or something to that effect.

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