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Fallen Earth hits content complete development goal

James Egan

While the fantasy MMO genre still has years of life left in it and millions of fans, there's an upcoming crop of new titles in the sci-fi and post-apocalyptic genres. Of that latter category, Fallen Earth is one of the most anticipated titles that's nearing test phases.

Tiggs, the Community Director at the official Fallen Earth forums, said, "After a nine-month schedule of intensive content development, we are happy to announce that we have reached the development landmark 'content complete.' The Fallen Earth team has met two critical development milestones on time within the past six months, including 'feature complete' in June." Her announcement to the Fallen Earth community breaks down the major accomplishments linked to the game's content complete status. Highlights include 50,000 lines of dialogue, well over 1000 new and motion-captured animations and emotes, and over 1000 square kilometers of explorable territory, but there's much more. See Tiggs' announcement at the Fallen Earth forums for more details on where the game is, although it seems that Beta testing is still some months away.

[Via WorthPlaying]

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