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KotOR MMO announcement rumored to be coming soon

Michael Zenke

The site ComputerandVideogames reported earlier this week that new information may be coming soon about BioWare's Knights of the Old Republic MMO. We do know that the company is working on such a title, thanks to commentary from John Riccitiello during this year's E3. Unfortunately, the words don't stem from the most reliable source. The UK's Daily Star is the source of the claim, with the tabloid's site stating that it will be traveling to San Francisco to see the game in person.

We sent word to LucasArts, asking if they'd be willing to confirm or dismiss their intentions to make an announcement this month. The PR Manager we spoke to stated, specifically, that "LucasArts doesn't comment on unannounced games." We'll keep you updated when (and if) the annoucement is made.

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