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Rumor: KOTOR MMO to be formally announced soon

Before beginning this post, we have a number of important announcements to make:
  • It is currently October.
  • Sandwiches, when prepared correctly, are delicious.
  • Salt is salty.
  • There are five items in this list.
  • You are currently reading Joystiq.
What's that? You're not sure why we're announcing things you already know? Perhaps you'll be equally flabbergasted by a rumor that LucasArts and Bioware will likely soon reveal the Knights of the Old Republic MMO that EA CEO John Riccitiello already totally confirmed. The rumor originates from a blurb in UK newspaper Daily Star, the author of which claims he's coming stateside to check the title out at LucasArts HQ. If the author is on the level, we certainly expect one of the two developers to "reveal" the title before his article goes to print. Perhaps they can still surprise the eleven people on the planet that don't already know about it.

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