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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup picks its running mate

Ross Miller

My friends, I appreciate your support, but it is now, after much deliberation and discussion, that this Weekly Webcomic Wrapup pick its running mate. With the Japanese Hardware Sales, I have with me a popular public figure with experience and foreign policy credentials. Should it accept the nomination, together, we will win this election ... for Supreme King and Queen of the Internets.

I've already picked my cabinet. Since I like playing favorites, please vote for the best after the break.

Flash Games (xkcd)
A Trick of Retrospective (Penny Arcade)
A Braid Knot (Dueling Analogs)
geek sign lesson (Sidescroller)
Dear Cousin (Castle Vidcons)
Runway Wreck (2P Start)
Return to Form (Digital Unrest)
The Hype Machine (Monday Night Crew)


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