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Dream Capture 2.2 released


Those of you who like to use your iSight cameras to record and upload video to YouTube or other video sharing Web sites will be happy to know that Dream Apps has released version 2.2 of Dream Capture.

Dream Capture is designed especially for both internal and external iSight cameras, although it works with other cameras as well. The 2.2 release now features auto-focusing technology derived from Apple's Shake software, metadata support for iTunes 8 imports, and H.264 video encoding.

Dream Apps also added their audio compression technology, DreamSync, to Dream Capture 2.2. A new audio-only recording mode is available for those who wish to use Dream Capture to record audio podcasts or lectures.

This is a free update for existing Dream Capture owners. Interested readers can download a trial version of Dream Capture (click begins download), and then purchase the application for US$9.95 if it fits your needs. A Mac running OS X 10.4 or later is required.

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