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DS releases for the week of October 6th


An interesting week for releases around the globe, though the news will, of course, be dwarfed in the wake of all things DSi. Among this week's noteworthy titles are Prey the Stars (at last!), and Korg DS-10 for Europe.

  • Bleach: Dark Souls
  • Crash: Mind Over Mutant
  • Imagine: Babysitters
  • Imagine: Fashion Designer New York
  • Kage Densetsu: The Legend of Kage 2
  • Pop Cutie: Street Fashion Simulation
  • Prey the Stars
  • Spectrobes: Beyond The Portals


  • Donkey Xote
  • Dragon Hunters
  • Gravity Zero Racing
  • Korg DS-10
  • Lego Batman: The Video Game
  • Lost in Blue 3
  • Prey the Stars: Gabu Gabu Planet
  • Kawaii Koinu DS2
  • Nihongo de Asobo DS
  • Snoopy DS: Snoopy to Chuugen Taichi ni Ei ni Iku!
  • Tetsudou Kentei DS
  • Tetsudou Musume DS: Terminal Memory
  • Bratz Ponyz 2
  • Lego Batman
  • Maths Made Simple

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