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First Mega Man 9 DLC available


The first two downloadable content updates for Mega Man 9 are officially available today. The first, Endless Attack Mode, offers a new, never-ending endurance-style level, for 300 Wii Points. The second, more widely discussed update, adds a playable Proto Man to the game, for 200 points. Proto Man can slide and charge his weapon (though the blast isn't as large as a fully-charged Mega Buster), and he has a shield that blocks shots while jumping, but he also has double the recoil and takes double the damage of Mega Man. Furthermore, he can't use the Shop and he has no story of his own.

Most importantly -- and about which we are the most pleased -- the Proto Man whistle plays at the beginning of every life or every level. You can read more about the details of the Proto Man DLC here, or, of course, you could go download it! Just look in the "Downloadable Content" area of the game instead of somewhere in the Wii Shop. You wouldn't want to feel as stupid as we did.


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