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Playing invisible instruments more complex than you think


That's according to Reggie Fils-Aime, at least. The Nintendo bossman thinks that his company did Wii Music a big disservice when it was displayed at E3, and feels the game is a lot more complex than people realize.

In fact, Reggie believes that Wii Music, like all the best music games, will be simple to pick up, but a tricky beast to master. "We may have done that title an injustice at E3 by showing something that looked so easy," stated Fils-Aime to technology and media site Venturebeat. "Now we're showing the tremendous variety of instruments and tones and how challenging it is to make music that sounds good."

Reggie also revealed that Nintendo expects Wii Music to become one of the "top sellers" on the system. We can totally believe that, but "challenging"? Really? We don't want to jump conclusions without a few major Wii Music sessions, but these assertions do seem to go against the evidence we've seen so far.


[Via Eurogamer]

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