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Russia's Akado goes live with HDTV offerings

Darren Murph

Say what you will, but the high-def revolution is on in Russia. With Comstar going live with its own HDTV service the same week as Akado, we have all ideas the competition will keep the fire burning (and subsequently, the new HD channels rolling). We had a hunch Akado would be going live with its planned HDTV offering as October began thanks to a premature announcement from National Geographic HD, but it's always good to hear that no delays have slowed things up. Starting this month, subscribers can feast their eyes on five HD stations (including the aforesaid Nat Geo HD) for between 300 and 900 rubles per month ($12 and $36, respectively), so if you're inclined by take 'em up on the offer, head to the read link and sign up.

[Via BroadbandTVNews]

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