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Wii Music 'games' within the 'game' detailed


On Friday we had our final hands-on session with Wii Music before its October 20 release. Our feelings about it remain more or less unchanged from our time with it at E3. It's not a "gamer's game;" it's not even really a game in the traditional sense. Its novel mechanics will be best appreciated by young children or groups of non-gamers. Nintendo itself has said as much.

Still, we wanted to finally see the "games" of Wii Music – the three modes where players are actually scored. The first is conducting with the Wiimote as a baton, which was demo'd by Nintendo back at the system's unveiling. The gist of this game is staying true to the tempo of the original work. How close you maintain the flow determines your score.

There's also a choir bell game for up to four players, which involves "ringing" your two bells as ones matching their colors scroll past. Finally, there's the most simple of the games, which tests you ability to hear different pitches. There are 10 "levels," where you are asked to place the Mii that's producing a specific tone onto a platform – match and win.

Simple stuff indeed.

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