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Check out our BioWare/LucasArts announcement invite

Michael Zenke

If you're looking forward to October 21st as much as we are, you should know that you're specifically looking forward to 2pm Pacific time on that august date. What's happening then? Well, we're only going to find out (finally, for-reals) what BioWare and LucasArts have been working on all this time. At Massively, as you might imagine, we're feeling pretty confident that it's going to be an MMO set in the Knights of the Old Republic-timeframe of the Star Wars franchise. We're even willing to put money on the title being Star Wars: The Old Republic.

We'd like to go on record right now stating we think the game's MMO acronym should be SWOR ... but will probably end up being TOR. What do you think?

Joystiq's own Randy Nelson will be representing Massively, Joystiq, and the whole family of blogs at the event - ensuring that readers here and across the network are kept up to date. No pressure, Randy! Above is the frontside of our invitation to this event, and you can see what's on the back below the cut.

Yeah, sorry - we scanned them poorly and blurred out some stuff so the folks at LucasArts would keep talking to us. Trust us, it's going to be more fun watching the fireworks from out here anyway.

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