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EverQuest subscribers get an early go at Seeds of Destruction

Kyle Horner

SOE has announced that starting October 7th, which would be today, EverQuest players who locate the herald of Druzzil Ro in the Plane of Knowledge will be transported to a time rift leading them to the new zones from the upcoming expansion, Seeds of Destruction. They've also released the patch notes for the update, in case you want to get right into the nitty gritty details.

The two weeks early look include the zones The Void, Oceangreen and the Temple of
Bertoxxulous. There will be quest lines and group encounters to keep everyone busy as they traverse the new content. Overall this looks like a very cool way to showcase upcoming new content to the people who matter the most: current subscribers. If someone wasn't sure about picking up the new expansion or not, this early look will definitely allow them to make an informed desicion.

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