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FIFA is the new Madden, in the UK

Ross Miller

Some interesting statistics about Electronic Arts' recently launched FIFA 09 in the U.K. (via Chart Track):
  • It is currently beating the sales rate of FIFA08 -- itself a bestselling UK game last year -- by 37.5%.
  • It debuted at the top of the PlayStation 2, PS3, PSP and Xbox 360 charts.
  • Of those sales, 42% were on Xbox 360, making it the 3rd fastest selling game on Microsoft's format (behind GTA IV and Halo 3), while 40% were on PS3 where it is the 2nd fastest selling game (behind GTA IV). 11% go to PS2, 3% to PSP and the rest for PC, Wii and DS.
Just goes to show you that no matter the culture or continent, EA owns football. See the full top 10 list of All Formats software sales after the break.

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