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HDTV brushes economic woes off its shoulder in latest survey

Darren Murph

Some things in life may be substitutable -- fine dinners can be sufficiently replaced with Top Ramen, high-end kicks can be swapped out for homegrown sandals, and that luxury whip can be exchanged for a jalopy. Apparently, one thing that simply can't be done without even in "tough economic times" is HDTV. Based on a recent survey from PriceGrabber (which, admittedly, shouldn't be taken very seriously), 73% of non-HDTV owners that responded said that they were forging ahead with plans to snag an HDTV within the next 12 months. Granted, such a figure really isn't all that shocking -- after all, the looming digital transition is the perfect excuse to splurge, and prices are apt to be at an all time low this Black Friday. Trust us folks, 720p+ is worth the sacrifice.

[Image courtesy of StarTribune]

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