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(Also) This Wednesday: Tenchu: Shadow Assault and Beat'n Groovy on XBLA

Justin McElroy

As if it wasn't enough to get the chance to spend today playing a fake game of big-head stickball, Microsoft is adding two -- count 'em, two -- additional games to the XBLA service today. First up is Tenchu: Shadow Assault, a multiplayer ninja game of some sort based on FROM Software's long-running series. Just like a ninja itself, this game really came out of nowhere, and could quite possibly kill you in your sleep.

The second, Beat'n Groovy, looks like Konami's long-running Japanese series Pop'n Music, but, against all odds, has an even worse name. You can pick them both up for 800 points ($10).

Source -- Arcade: Shadow Assault/Tenchu [Major Nelson]
Source -- Arcade: Beat'n Groovy [Major Nelson]

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