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Boingz catapults onto WiiWare later this month


Relax, it's not more Ubisoft shovelware. Boingz is a WiiWare puzzler/platformer from Ninja Bee and Real Networks, and one we have (shamefully) yet to discuss here. So let's correct that now!

Boingz are armless creatures lost on an alien world, and it's your job to help them navigate 30 levels and locate magical gates that will take our stretchable friends home. As well as walking from side to side, the colorful Boingz can be maneuvered by being pulled, stretched and flicked through levels, as well as being nailed down to rocks and walls to create bridges for fellow Boingz to cross.

It's essentially Lemmings then, though a more contemporary comparison would be Toki Tori, a title we were big fans of. If Boingz can show up our lack of puzzle-solving smarts as much as that game did, we could have a winner here. Expect it to land on the third or fourth Monday of October.

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