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iN DEMAND speaks about MOJO HD programming

Darren Murph

We pinged MOJO HD's parent company, iN DEMAND, in an attempt to hear that some of our favorite high-def programming wouldn't be vanishing forever with the dissolution of the channel. Thankfully, we heard back, and while the news isn't fantastic, it at least gives us room to hope. When we asked what would happen to the programming currently on MOJO HD, we told that "individual producers would be working to find other homes for the series," and that "announcements would come from those networks." Additionally, the MOJO MIX HD video-on-demand service will continue to operate into 2009, giving users another venue to fetch most of the original MOJO programming. In all seriousness, we can't imagine a Travel Channel HD (for example) not picking up Three Sheets, but we suppose only time will tell.

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