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    Is the honeymoon over for Warhammer Online?

    Shawn Schuster

    We here at Massively have pointed to our fair share of positive opinion pieces for Warhammer Online, but we realize that not all people see the game as fluffy bunnies and rainbow unicorns. One such example of this is the ever-endearing Daedren over at, whom we all love for his insightful pessimism towards our favorite MMOs.

    Despite the fact that Daedren spends much of his article reaming Warhammer Online, he ends by admitting that it may just be a general disdain for the fantasy genre as a whole, while WAR may just basically be in the wrong place at the wrong time. He writes, "Whatever happened to making a player feel like they are a hero?" "The reason that D&D and Warhammer tabletop games were popular is because the story revolved around the players; they could noticeably affect and change the world based on their decisions. This main aspect and magic of the game is lost in a sea of inane, repetitive and fun killing "Quests"."
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