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Mac and Linux client improvements roll out today in EVE Online

James Egan

EVE Online has a much smaller playerbase than some of the other top-tier MMOs on the market. Despite this fact, CCP Games was willing to provide an even smaller subset of players -- Linux and Mac users -- with an EVE client, via Transgaming's Cedega (Linux) and Cider (Mac). While the 'premium' Trinity graphics are only supported on the Windows client, this writer can attest that the Mac client has improved a great deal since its release.

That said, there have certainly been some issues with providing a stable client for multiple operating systems. The Empyrean Age 1.1.2 patch for Mac and Linux, which was scheduled to deploy during downtime today, should bring with it numerous small fixes to these clients. On the Mac side, Empyrean Age 1.1.2 changes how autopatching works, improves issues with international keyboard layouts, and especially resolves the issue with how station interiors display. If the changes go through smoothly, this funky anomaly will be no more. This gallery may be a last look at the black, translucent interiors of stations that some Mac users have been reporting:

Gallery: Mac client station anomalies | 7 Photos

There are even more fixes on the Linux side, not limited to the numerous graphics glitches in models and portraits, as well as startup errors. In addition, GUI updates will make the Linux client more compatible with newer versions of Cedega. While the long-awaited dev blog on the Mac and Linux clients and a timeframe on receiving the Trinity graphics engine is still forthcoming (we hope), the fact that they even released a client for an OS besides Windows XP/Vista, much less two additional operating systems, is still a nice convenience despite the problems that crop up. See the official patch notes for more info on the Empyrean Age 1.1.2 changes to the Mac and Linux clients for EVE Online.


Some Mac users are having frame rate issues following patch 1.1.2, primarily those running OS X 10.4 with ATI 1600/1900 cards. See the announcement from CCP Fallout about reverting to an earlier version of the client, if you're one of the people with this configuration. He also acknowledges that they're working on a fix, and will update players on its status tomorrow.

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