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PDF version of iPhone developer's cookbook available


This post refers to the first edition of The iPhone Developer's Cookbook; the 2nd edition, covering the 3.0 SDK, was released at the end of 2009 and is available here.

It's a good day to become an iPhone developer: in addition to the screencast we mentioned, someone near and dear to us at TUAW finally got her book out into the wild ... at least the PDF version. Erica Sadun's* "The iPhone Developer's Cookbook" is available as an electronic download from informIT.

If you want to dig in and start developing native iPhone applications with the SDK, this is a great way to start. The paper version is set for release on October 15th, if that's what you're into, but having the code samples in a cut-and-paste-friendly format is far preferable to me. Coupling that with a complete lack of patience, I bought the PDF this morning and am avidly poring over it for new information.

I'm planning a combination tip calculator/grocery list application with several language translation apps and an ebook reader built in ... although I may consider doing a Pinocchio app that lets people know when I'm joking instead.

So, up-and-coming iPhone developers, head on over to informIT for some SDK development goodness.

Editor's Note: Since Erica has moved on from TUAW to her new home at Ars Technica, we no longer have conflict-of-interest concerns about reviewing her books -- but we still love her & wish her all the best.

Update: Code samples are available here!

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