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Three tracks (for free!) from the Silent Hill: Homecoming soundtrack

Alan Tsang

Whatever qualms you may have with Silent Hill: Homecoming, which probably ranges from the awkward combat system to the absence of Team Silent, one thing that's undeniable is the quality of the soundtrack. Akira Yamaoka delivers yet another broodingly morose soundtrack that critics and fans alike have applauded since the first game. Those of you who ordered the game with Amazon were treated to 3 bonus tracks -- but now you can download them for free, even if you've never touched a Silent Hill game -- right here.

The three tracks included are The Sacred Line, Witchcraft and Cold Blood. We are pretty sure that's frequent collaborator Mary Elizabeth McGlynn's vocals on The Sacred Line, but you can be the judge for yourself after you listen to the track.

[Thanks, anonymous!]

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