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Watch naked ladies streaking in Saint's Row II ... or don't

Justin McElroy

If a recently uploaded video (which you can find after the break) is any indication, you'll be taking on the task of "female streaking" in Saint's Row II, which is sure to make all of our lives very annoying for weeks to come, or as soon as the mainstream media sees it. It's not really SFW, even though the lady business has been blurred out, giving the appearance that a giant Barbie doll became sentient and horrifically confused.

But before you hop over the break to bask in utterly non-erotic semi-nudity, we'd ask you to reconsider. You're better than that, right? We're honestly a little embarrassed we brought it up. You wouldn't want your mom, girlfriend or, heck, even your friends who've seen actual boobs before to catch you watching something like that, would you? Why don't you just scroll down to the next post, dignity intact? Or, to put it more simply ... "Don't look, Ethel!"

[Via ToaRG]

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