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BlizzCon 2008 swag bag


Attention: Do not comment here for the swag bag giveaway!

Fresh from the check-in lines at BlizzCon is our gallery of the all the contents of the goodies bag Blizzard gave us. Some real great things in there: special goo, a free authenticator, the special mount card, a beer bottle cooler, and either an inflatable frostmourne or inflatable bubble hearth beach ball.

Right now WoW Insider staff is outside the convention area, and we're watching the line to pickup tickets wrap around the building, then inside the building, and then take a couple hundred twists and turns. There is a ton of people here. Looks like everyone wants to pickup their tickets early.

Amazing crowd and amazing goodies. Stay tuned all weekend for more!

After the cut, a breakdown of what's in there.

Gallery: BlizzCon 2008 Swag Bag gallery | 42 Photos

  • Orc Halloween mask with ad for official costumes on the back
  • Jinx Brochure with ad for plush talking Murloc
  • Blizzard Store catalog
  • Flyer for DirecTV
  • Arthas: Rise of the Lich King novel postcard
  • Bradygames quest bookmark
  • Upper Deck flyer for WoW Minis game
  • Logitech G-series brochure
  • Two sided comic book: WoW Ashbringer and Starcraft
  • Blizzard is Hiring postcard
  • Linksys by Cisco contest entry form
  • and sales postcards
  • Jinx Lich King vinyl sticker
  • Starcraft II wristbands
  • BlizzCon keychain
  • Inflatable Frostmourne sword
  • BlizzCon Toykopop sketchbook
  • FigurePrints Horde (or Alliance) faction pendants
  • WoW TCG Heroes of Azeroth starter deck
  • mousepad (with space for custom picture, taken on the floor)
  • Pandaren Brewmaster brand beer coozie
  • Special BlizzCon edition Authenticator
  • Starcraft: The Board Game Typhon promotional pieces
  • BlizzCon 2008 hand sanitizer
  • Zerg creep toy goop
  • Frostmourne handle keychain
  • "QQ noob" Blizzard tissues (HA!)
  • Diablo III "Sinamints"
  • Wrath of the Lich King pen
  • DC Unlimited lapel pin
  • Diablo III Squeezeball
  • (Last but not least) Pandaren Brewmaster brand beer bottle opener

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