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LG bringing WinMo-powered "Incite" to AT&T?

Chris Ziegler

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When, pray tell, was the last time you saw an LG running Windows Mobile on AT&T? Go ahead, take your time, we'll wait. Still struggling over there? Yeah, you're not going to think of one -- trust us. Looks like that's finally about to change this year with the so-called Incite, a Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional beast that we're hearing AT&T hopes to launch in time for Festivus celebrations. We don't have any photography to ogle yet, but the specs sound dreamy: mirrored flush 400 x 240 touchscreen, 3-megapixel autofocus camera with flash, AGPS, 3.6Mbps HSDPA, WiFi, and a full metal body that runs 106.95 x 55 x 13.9mm -- in other words, this thing could conceivably out-KS20 the KS20. Yikes!

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