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Mythic patches in Warhammer game update 1.0.2

Michael Zenke

It was just last week that Warhammer Game Update 1.01 was released on an unsuspecting waagh. Already the team at Mythic Entertainment has patched in the next major fix to their newly released title. The Warhammer Herald has full patch notes for Game Update 1.0.2, and it looks like they're adding in some fun new bells and whistles just a few weeks out of the starting gate. Here are the highlights:
  • More anti-spammer measures! They're going to make it yet harder for all those spam-monkeys to do their jobs. When can we have a right-click-to-report feature?
  • They are working to promote realm balance with (welcome) bribery. Some realms on some servers will now award their players with a +20% bonus to renown and experience! You'll be able to track this on the Herald's server list, and those bonuses will only last until balance is achieved.
  • They've added in a debilitating debuff and auto-kick for folks that choose to go afk in Scenario starting areas. Thank goodness! Dang freeloaders.
You can check out the full patch notes at the Warhammer Herald. Make sure to head back here for more talk about the ongoing WAR.
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