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New solar generator system from Solyndra is totally tubular

Tim Stevens

We all know the internet is not a big truck, and the rolling blackouts in California not that long ago showed our power grid isn't either. Part of the solution could be a series of tubes, a new type of solar generator from a company called Solyndra that replaces the usual square solar roof panels with something that would make Senator Stevens proud. The company's photovoltaic rods are able to catch rays from any direction, meaning they don't need to be tilted to point at the sun. Also, since they're not shaped like a silicon kite, they don't need the same big, beefy installation brackets. This cuts installation costs in half and has helped to drive $1.2 billion in orders from eager would-be customers of this three-year-old startup. Want to see 'em for yourself? Head on down to the Solar Power International Expo next week in sunny San Diego.

[Via Make]

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