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Overheard at BlizzCon 2008: A real, live Blue

Mike Schramm

Scene: Just outside the BlizzCon badge pickup area, the Thursday before BlizzCon, 10 minutes before 4pm badge pickup.

Crowd: (Mills around, is huge, waits patiently, talks occasionally about everything from the Protoss to the weather. Throws out a random "WoW Insider rocks!" yell as we pass by -- thanks for that!)

BlizzCon Employee: (Steps out of Convention Center to address the crowd) Hi everyone! We're going to open up the doors here in just a minute, but we will not be giving out badges until 4pm. So when we open the doors, in about five minutes from now, come on in and line up, but we won't give out badges until four.

Crowd: (Various murmurs of excitement, until, from in the back:) Why aren't you wearing a blue shirt?

(Laughter from all sides.)

Employee: Ha, that's funny. No, I'm wearing a black shirt today, not a blue shirt. Ok, so in five minutes we'll let you in, and then we'll give out badges at 4pm. (Turns and heads back inside.)

Crowd: (Follows immediately, calmly flooding inside without waiting, while convention center employees stand and shake their heads.)

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